• Crawling usually begins in the ninth month.
  • It depends on the infant. Some start crawling as early as the 5th month (some as super early as the 3rd, but thats extremely rare) however, my neighbors daughter did not start until she was 16 months. So there really is no "proper" age. If you are concerned about your childs development tell your doctor. They well let you know whether or not there is a need to worry. Sometimes children just pay more attention to other skills to start crawling. Like my neighbor, she was singing her ABCs and "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star" before her first birthday.
  • my daughter was nearly one and would sit up and roll over but wouldnt crawl.. When she did finally start crawling it was only two weeks before she was pushing up and trying to walk so there is always a big difference between kids..
  • It is different for each child. There are many variables to consider. If the baby is large, it may take longer for him to build the muscles necessary to crawl. If the baby is held by Mommy or the caregiver all the time and doesn't have the opportunity to try crawling, it may take longer to learn. Or if a baby is not placed on his stomach enough, he won't have as many opportunities to practise. Then again a large baby who is never placed on his stomach and is constantly held may end up crawling earlier than a small baby who is left on his stomach on the floor all the time. Both of my guys were small and crawled at around 7 months!
  • It depends upon the health of infants and freedom u r giving him/her to move and ignoring his/her weeping for calling to take in the hands.

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