• No, I never have. D/R'd +5
  • I don't believe it is trolls that reject them. It is anybody. I've done it many times. Moderation. Don't you get tired of seeing duplicates. Hey that wasn't me who DRed you.
  • I don't Sweet! Should I check? Or would you like to check for me? :)
  • Not any more it caused me too much stress so I gave it up.
  • NOPE;) I don't ask enough questions to worry about that;) I did have a questions answer's added to mine, because they copied mine;)
  • +6....for the DR you got. Frankly, I had no idea trolls could do that. I thought that when you send something to moderation that it went to Rich, et. al. for consideration. I had no idea trolls could do this. Just fucking perfect. I'm afraid to look.
  • Well, sometimes I have posted duplicates and CLs have notified me and combined it with the one I duped. These folks are not "trolls". They are just doing their job.
  • No. Its impossible to mark any question of mine as a duplicate because I myself check to see if it has been asked, before I post it.
  • No i found out by email, but have stopped them now as it was driving me nuts lol.:-)+
  • Nope..that's living in the past, which I don't do. I ask them, comment on the responses and then move on. Once I release a question it lives or dies on its own. I ignore anything trolls or people who DR do..complete waste of my time! Happy Wednesday! :) ((hugs))
  • i dont even know how to do that... how do we do that? anyone know? :) anyone? :)
  • Sadly, I do. Or at least, I've started to. The idea of a perfectly good question being taken off the market, so to speak, bothers me too much to ignore it. I sort all of my Q+A periodically by status to check out what is no longer active and will challenge anything that I do not feel is a duplicate, nonsense, spam, or offensive. I feel that I am a very respectful ABer and find it upsetting that anybody woud put silly mod points over doing the right thing. My moderations are solely for the purpose of helping the site - it is nothing personal.
  • um.. Have you ever considered the fact that they might actually BE dublicates since they're flagged? And I dont think it's trolls who flag as sublicate, but those members who have tens of thousands moderation points, and make lots and lots of flags each day
  • No since i dont ask that many questions, i prefer just to answer them
  • I will start after finding a few that were flagged as duplicates last week that were in no way duplicates. I'm more angry with the moderators who accept these flags. If I discover more of this incorrect flagging, I will find it difficult not to flood AB with redundent questions like a few annoying people do. Yes, I was angry.

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