• add bedding' they also pull hair for bedding,
  • they dont haf to hav i but it is better for them
  • Rabbits don't need any bedding at all if the cage has a wire bottom. They can live happily on wire. If they don't have a lot of fur on the bottoms of their feet and start to get sore hocks, you can put in a board of some kind for them to stand on. If a rabbit is allowed to play in a yard or run around in the house, that's enough of a rest for his feet, too. The bad part about having a nest or bed for rabbits is they will use it as their litter box or bathroom and it's a real pain to clean it every couple of days. It too easily becomes an unsanitary nightmare.
  • Galeanda. Rabbits don't have the cushions on the bottom of there feet likes cats do. If you HAVE a wired bottom than you should line the cage with a piece of cardboard and then lay bedding. If you have a bunny that roams around the house then it is probably best to have a bed but most rabbits enjoy laying in there litter box.
  • I just put bedding in my rabbit's cage for her too do her business and she sleeps on the bottom of her cage. It is really up to your rabbit if they want to sleep on a bed (like a cushiony section of her cage or little blanket etc.), the bottom of the cage, or on bedding. Experiment and see what your rabbit likes best. Oh if you have a wired bottom cage then you should put down bedding or a bed for them to lay on or cardboard cuz walking on wire and what not can damage your rabbit's feet. Hope i helped =]

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