• I try always to refill when it says Half. I live outside of town it would be silly to run out of fuel.
  • In the summer, I tend to fill the tank sometime after the yellow gas light comes on... In the winter, I try not to let it get quite that low!
  • I fill it when it's 3/4 a tank or if I find gas cheap I'll fill it at half a tank.
  • I have ridden on the tank empty light a few times. It is kind of exciting, but generally I fill up when I have 1/4 tank left.
  • When I first started driving I said I would ALWAYS fill up when I had a quarter tank left. Then, reality set in, and I've run out of gas a few times. So you can guess how long that whole thing lasted. I'm a fume runner!
  • Will fill when the tripometer reads 120-150 miles, depending how busy the filling station is at the moment. 150 miles is about it on a tank of gasoline.
  • Im a space case so I start thinking about it at around a half tank in hopes of remembering to stop before the light comes on
  • I ride the fumes. I hate having to mess with getting gas. I don't know why. Can't tell you how many sad times I've run out of gas because of this stupidity. :)
  • As I don't trust gas gauges, I use it as a reference and go by the odometer. The target mileage would be that of 1/2-3/4 tank, varied of course by location and season.
  • Really depends. I mean, I usually forget about it until its fairly low, not dangerously low usually but, with the price of gas lately you hate to fill it up so you usually wait until you absolutely have to.
  • i just put money in when i see the warning light go on. I am not sure when this occurs or what the average load I keep in my tank is.
  • I keep my tank full.
  • i know that there must be some sexual innuendo to this question, but, i'm not smart enough to discover it or offer an appropriate retort. so, my answer is, "i go to E, which, i learned from one experience means 60 more miles and then putz!"
  • I used to ride the fumes.... it drove friends nuts when they would have to drive my car and would panic that they were going to run out of gas. These days I fill at 1/2, or at 3/4 empty if I feel like stretching it. Of course, the price usually drops the day after I fill it!
  • Anytime after the tank is half empty is time to refuel. Running out of gas takes too much extra time to let happen.
  • Its not good to run your tank down to fumes cause you will pick up the dregs from the bottom of the tank. Treat the quarter tank line as empty and you will keep the dirt from the tank out of your filter and injectors.
  • Even though it is a bad habit I ride the fumes. I shouldn't because survival manuals say that you should always have plenty of gas in the vehicle in case there is a region-wide emergency... and there is a run on gas.
  • Never let it go under 1/2.
  • I ride the fumes most of the time if I am going to Walmart or to get fast food I won't bother to stop But if I feel like getting out and gassing up I will. But the pumps around here you have to hold the whole time, you can't just click the thing up.
  • I like to keep it as full as possible pending how much money I have.

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