• Pretty much everything i want from them...but as sport has turned into a massive merchandising opportunity i dont tend to buy everything on sale...just pointless...but still....i own alot of their stuff etc
  • Nothing I've purchased. I have two items, both provided by my son. One...a Duke T-shirt. Years ago when Bobby Hurley played for Duke I loved that team. Also, I have a pair of Laker Sweats, purchased for me when Magic ran the team favorite team was the Celtics, when Larry Bird was there. But my son loved the Lakers and so through the years whenever I wear those sweats I remember the jaunty times we had, he/his friends rooting for the Lakers and me, the lone voice rooting for the Celtics....ah, those were the days! :)
  • I have a couple t-shirts
  • I have a scarf, shirt, teddy bear and flag.:-)+
  • alot tbh, most of my shirt are england rugby shirts or my club shirts.
  • I have a hat a jersey and a jacket all with the NY Yankees emblem on em. I am not just a fair weather fan who roots for em when they are doing good. I root for them even when they are bad.
  • A wardrobe ! Only limited by closet space.
  • a couple of hats, t-shirts, and sweatshirts from 3 favorite college teams that keep me partially dressed all year round, except, when i testify in court, i usually wear a political or historical kind of tie. i remember when we adopted our daughter, we had a celebration by inviting our friends from church to hooters, where we'd just won a $250 certificate. while there, i remember purchasing a pair of boxers with hooter owls on them - not official sports memoribilia, but, maybe, sortof, kindof, is ...
  • A hat or two. Few t-shirts. Some sweaters. An official game worn jersey. Autographed team photo. Bobble head. Weeblo thing. Wall sticker. Front license plate. Car window stickers on both cars. Official programs. Championship replica ring. Replica mini stadium. Sweatpants. 2007 championship DVD. Some other stuff, too. Can't remember everything, you know.
  • I have an old Dirt Diggers Grand Prix T-Shirt from 1972 and that's the closest I have to a shirt with sport theme.
  • I have a t-shirt, a cap, stickers, magazines, a DVD, plenty of pictures and articles on my pc.
  • Titans T-shirt, Sweatshirt, 2 ball caps, a stocking cap, a Super bowl sweatshirt, a key chain, a cookbook a rain poncho, a plastic football, a license plate, a thermal mug, and a coffee mug
  • I have a Liverpool footy shirt dated back to 1998 and that's about it! I'm not fussed on sport as a whole.
  • About 10 jerseys for my teams (Chelsea FC, Florida Gators), and 5 hats. Oh, and a Czech Cech kit.
  • TONS! My Bronco's gear is endless. I have 4 jerseys, 3 sweatshirts, tons of shirts two hats and the list goes on.....

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