• no way man I love it here
  • No - I don't live in the USA, I live in Spain.
  • Never! There is too much that is interesting, incredible and positive about this country to ever get tired of living in this country. Its as my mother used to say, if you are easily bored, its probably because you are boring. There is too much to do and see and learn to ever get bored unless you just won't get off your butt and go find something to do.
    • Mr PantsFellDown
      That is truly idiotic what you said. You must be only 16. When you and reality meet, boy have you got a surprise coming.
  • Yes, two years ago i was, so i moved! Still do miss Miami, FL, but a change of country was the best thing i did for myself!
  • No, I'm just tired of being in the same place all the time =( I'm so used to traveling, this is driving me nuts!
  • No! I have lived in Mexico City, Mexico; Cairo, Egypt and will move to Singapore in a week for my husband's job. The experience of living abroad really makes you appreciate the U.S. I am grateful for the experiences I have had but will never tire of living in the U.S. The States are so varied. Move to another and different state if you need a change. I have learned the entire world is great, but now appreciate the real freedoms and greatness of the U.S.
  • Nope -
  • Yeah. I think all the time about leaving. This path we're on is not leading anywhere good, and it doesn't seem like most people are inclined to change that path anytime soon. I think about Canada a lot - I know it has its own problems, but it would be an improvement in many ways, and it's close enough to still visit my family. More remotely England is a possibility. The Netherlands sounds very nice and everyone I've ever met from there has been absolutely lovely. But the weather in these northern countries sounds so gloomy that I'm not sure I could take it. Mostly I'd like to go somewhere that doesn't get itself into military misadventures, has some form of universal healthcare (so that I could take some more pride in my line of work), has relatively egalitarian opportunities for women and equal rights for gays, still allows for freedom of expression and is much less religious than the US. That rules most places out, unfortunately. Any suggestions?
  • no ,i am not tired but ya i do get bored sometimes staying at home idle.
  • No, I love America, Im glad I'm American, although, I would like to live in a different state.
  • Yes, I sure am! I'd love to live in the Toronto area....I love Toronto but don't want to live in the city, just near enough to get to the city in a decent amount of time. My husband and I are considering moving to Ireland after he retires. Not sure yet if we'll want to stay there, or if we'll want to live here and there for a few years at a time to experience more cultures. I guess we'll play that one by ear!
  • Yes, big time. I came here from Africa...for the American Dream. Somehow I think I got it (college,citizenship,job paying 60+K a year, house in the burbs,cars, soccer and piano lessons for the kids...). But I am tired of all of it. I want to go back home and build a simple house on a hill facing the among my people and helping improve their conditions person at a time.
  • I would like to try living abroad, maybe in Spain or Germany, or Switzerland. Sometimes, the things the government does in this country just baffles me.
  • No,never!Lol!I know how lucky I am to be here!
  • Hell no. Where would I go that offers more everyday freedoms and opportunities?
  • Far from it yo...
  • I'd absolutely love to live in the USA, its so diverse!
  • Nope. I talk a lot of shit about the government, their officials, ethics, morals, policies.... but this is the only country that allows you to do it and I never forget that.
  • I have lived in a few other contries but I am very happy living back here in the USA and plan to stay put for the rest of my life.
  • No, because I don't live in the USA. In fact, I have never been there in my life.
  • No just tired of the way so many people here don't seem to understand or appreciate it any longer.
  • Not tired of living in the USA just don't live in the USA where I want to.
  • No I love my country
  • No, never. However I am tired of living where I live now.

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