• Alexander the Great He conquered the known world in the Mediterranean and then spread his empire east all the way to India.
  • Subutai of Tuva, Genghis Khan's main strategist and general. Routinely coordinated tactical movements of armies that were hundreds of miles apart, commanded the only known successful winter offensive against Russians, simultaneously defeated the Polish and Hungarian armies in battles a thousand miles apart, probably directly responsible for conquering more territory than any other general in history. If you limit it to 20th-century figures, then probably Heinz Guderian (who was the first to fully articulate the ideas behind the Blitzkrieg and was the first to put them into action), although in terms of accomplishments on the field, he's beaten out by a bunch of others due to disagreeing with Hitler a lot and thus being relegated to reserve duties from 1942 to mid-1944.
  • I think it's got to be Alexander the Great, the greatest military mind ever
  • In my opinion it is a tie btween Ghengis Kahn and George Washington. GW because he used a tactic that my gues he stole from the indians and used it to defeat the British. he used a tactic we still use today, a hit and run tactic. It's kinda like Group A hide in woods A and Group B hide in woods B and when i give the word we ambush them and then run and do it again. In my opinion he didnt just end a revolution but he started one as well. Ghengis kahn used a tactic that i like to call "Did you here what they did to that last town". what ghengis kahn did was he would pillage a town take no prisoners and either burn the town down using heir corpses an the fuel or throw the corspes into the next town they took out that is only if they did not claim allegiance. AN d the only reason i assume they did that is because it was the right financhial decision looking back at the status of their economy.
  • Erm. I have no idea really, how much greater than one another was, but there are some noted for specific things. Julius Caesar turned the tables for Rome, and thus played a great part in one of humanity's greatest evolutionary leaps. Vlad the Impaler also comes to mind. He wasn't the first to use psychological warfare, but he was the first to make it a legitimate form or warfare, and as well, he was able to keep complete peace in the areas he ruled, without fault or rebellion. Granted, his methods were rather cruel and inconsiderate, but the fact remains, it worked.
  • Military mind must be between Napoleon and Nelson. Napoleon achieved some amazing feats but the Battle of Trafalgar is probably the best fought battle ever. Out numbered 25 to 1 (boats) Nelson decided to try to sail on the supposedly unsailable shore side of the Nile and destroy the vast majority of French ships. Amazing. As for conqueror, as has been mentioned before, Alexander the Great was amazing, but we must also mention Hitler. HE conquered most of Europe and only lost the war due to extreme bad luck with weather and a lucky group of resilient people that lived on an island (the UK, and I am British!).
  • By what should I judge what makes someone a great conqueror? Well, it doesn't really matter....all around, from any way you look at it, Genghis Khan is the best. He ruled over the largest continuous empire that the world has ever seen, and all starting from a group of feuding tribes on the Mongolian steppes. That's pretty damn great.
  • Caesar. Alexander was a great in a battle, but Caesar was as well, and he could run an empire. Expanding for decades.
  • Alexander The Great. That is a no brainer. He conquered the known world by his early 30's.
  • Thats subject to debate. But I admire Napoleon, Julius Ceaser, and Alexander the Great for their accomplishments.
  • Ancient Times: Cyrus II of Persia (the Great) Founder of the Achaemenid Empire, he conquered most of the lands of the old persian empire, with the exception of egypt, which was added by his son. Alexander I of Macedon (the Great) Fouder of the Alexandrian Empire. He conquered the entire persian empire and large parts of india in a little over 12 years, and only his death stopped him at age 34(?). King Pyrrhos of Epirus, Despite his lack of conquest, and his defeat at the hands of the romans, he was probably the greatest military mind of his time. Hannibal even considered him to be second to only Alexander the great. Hannibal Barca of Carthage, he managed to lead the Carthaginians in decisive victories in spain, across the alps into italy, managed to rally the gallic tribes there and lead his army to the gates of rome. (and made many crushing victories upon the romans) Only his decision not attacking rome lead to his eventual downfall at the hands of political rivals back in Carthage. Gaivs Ivlivs Caesar, quite possibly the greatest generals of rome ever, he managed to conquer the western half of the known world, and paved the way for the huge empire that was to come. Medieval Times: Belisarius: Greatest general of the Eastern roman empire, he conquered many old territories like southern italy and northern africa. Charles the Great (Charlemagne): He conquered large parts what today would be France, Belgium, Netherlands, Swiss, Austria and Italy. Sal Ad-Din (also know as Salladin), Founder of the egyptian Syrian Ayyubid dynasty, and conquered Jerusalem from the Crusader kingdom of Jerusalem. Genghis Khan: Managed to lead his tribe of horseman to conquer the largest contineous empire the world had ever seen (and has ever seen so far) Gotta work now, modern time answer will follow.
  • Not Ghengis Khan, because most of what he conquered was sparsely-populated steppe & tundra. Julius Casear didnt really conquer all that much territory....just France, Northern Italy, and a sliver of Germany. (he Raided britain, but didnt conquer it). Same goes for Charlemagne. Alexander the great & Napoleon are the 2 real contenders for this title, and I'd have to give it to Alexander....because what Napoleon did with a 'grande arme' of over a million men, Alexander did...bigger & faster....with basicly a gang of Macedonian street-thugs.
  • Prime Minister Mahatma Gandhi,drove the British rule out of India without any army or military.He used civil disobedience and within a year the British agreed to allow India to be independent.There was very little bloodshed,for he was a man of peace.
  • It has to be Queen victoria if we are talking conquerors British empire BRAP BRAP. MIlitary mind I would say Eisenhower damn he kicked ass!
  • No doubt it would be Napoleon. Battle of Austerlitz is a great example of a military genius at work and it took 7 coalitions of the great powers of the time to finally put Napoleon and the French down. He also conquered the majority of Europe which is no mean feat.
  • Before Napoleon, Nelson, Alexander the Great, Caesar, Constantine, Eisenhower, Khan, Xerses, Petraeus and Grant, there was Cyrus the Great.
  • the greatest conquer gengis khan easy he had the biggest continuing empire the world has every seen millitary mind for me in not particular order its out of these: hannibal barca(properly my main pick) fredrick the great oliver cromweel(before you say out never lost a battle created the foundation of our current trained armys in britain) arthur wessely(and hist counterpart napoleon) erwin rommel(and his counterpart benard montdumery)
  • Caesar Augustus.
  • Erwin Rommel.

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