• No, they should not. However, I dont think they should be having children if they are so poor, that they cant pay for the delivery, what are they going to do, when they need food, healthcare, medicine and diapers? Precautions would have been wiser. I dont know how they could be denied, every hospital, will deliver a baby.
  • that it not right. however if delivery can not be financed then is it wise to have a baby that might not be supported well dont get me wrong i dont mean to cause offence i have never heard of a charge for the delivery of a baby before? :S
  • If a baby is ready to be born, it doesn't matter if you have any money or not! It is coming out!!! While we prefer medical care and help with delivery of babies, women have been carrying and delivering their own babies for eons. Now, once it has been born and begins needing things the mom can't afford, there will be problems.
  • I'm confused what do you mean with afford the delivery? :|
  • Babies can be born anywhere, sweetheart. Women have them at home, in fields, in lifts, on lawns and in cars. No one can stop you having one. However, if you want a hospital birth, then that does cost. I think though that you can still go to emergency.
  • I have heard folks say that if you can't afford a baby, then don't have one. I am torn as to whether that is fair or not. Many people are broke all the time just trying to make ends meet. Should they not be allowed the happiness of having a baby because of their economic status?
  • i guess you gotta point there . I mean money isnt everything , but at least be able to pay for the delivery , food, clothes, education, and toys ...otherwise thats not cool
  • coming out, whether you pay for it or not.
  • Yes, having a child is a privilege in some ways. No way should you have a child, a little person, if you cannot afford to care for it adequately, and if you cant' afford to pay for the delivery, how would you pay for it's care, food, shelter, clothing, schooling, medical expenses??? There are less expensive ways to have a baby then a hospital birth but realistically if you can't afford to have it, you can't afford to keep it, so why make it suffer just so you can have a child. That's just not right. It's not right for the child or even society that may now have to help take care of it.
  • If you can't take proper care of your child that is not fair to your child and aren't they the most important factor. If you don't have the finances for children there are lots of volunteer opportunites out there. Why should a child go without basic medical and physical needs b/c their parents "want children" I would love to be a parent but I can't be a good one right now due to finances and health. But I am doing all I can to improve both.
  • No. There is always a way to priortize your life and expenses to afford a child if you have almost any type of income. The delivery can be done by a midwife at home which is legal in most states and fairly cheap. It's those who are very poor and keep having child after child (multiples) and are supported by the taxpayer who are critized.
  • What kind of person would want to become a parent to a baby he couldn't afford? That poor child would suffer his whole life just because his parents were so selfish they only thought of themselves and not the well-being of a child. There is no glory in bringing children into this world that you cannot support.
  • I'm not being rude or mean here just putting forth my practical observation: Anyone who has kids will tell you that bringing them up costs a lot of money.IF the parents today cannot afford the cost of the delivery it is obvious that they have been able to ill afford the medications necessary during pregnancy. Maybe the mother's nutrition has been unbalanced because of her financial situation.So, even before the child has been born , only because of lack of proper finance, it has had a bit of a slow start in life. Even if the Government pays for the birth will the parents be able to give the child atleast the very basic it need to grow up healthy? I am in no way insinuating that the parents would love their children any less than we do but is just love enough?
  • Nope. However, if someone isn't ready for a baby, he or she shouldn't be playing around with sex in the first place. Well, that's what my parents taught me anyway.
  • How much do you have to pay for delivery??? Here's an excerpt from our (NZ) Ministry of Health website : "Maternity care ~ Most maternity care is free for women who are New Zealand citizens, have permanent residency for two or more years, or who are eligible through other criteria under the Eligibility Direction. You may be charged for antenatal or childbirth education classes, and some tests at a private laboratory. You may also have to pay to have an ultrasound scan. Private obstetricians and private maternity hospitals will also charge a fee."
  • No, fortunately, there are clinics and hospitals who help low income Moms with their deliveries. What I have a problem with is folks having kids who cannot independently support them financially. It's not everyone else's responsibility to support someone else's child. I agree that having money doesn't insure a child having a happy life ... but not having it can make life even harder than it needs to be.
  • You have to pay to have your baby delivered in the USA? My goodness, in our public hospitals here in Australia it is free. And so is your 2-3 day stay which is free too, you even get fed 3 meals a day for free while you are there. If you go private you have to pay. That is really tough the way you guys have it.
  • Simply.. definitely not.
  • ??i dont get that???I have 6 children i didnt pay for the delivery i just had my babies??And no i dont think anyone should have to pay to deliver their baby thats just not right
  • How would that be implimented? Once you are pregant there's nothing stopping the baby from coming at some point and if you show up at a hospital in labor, they have to provide delivery is a law! How you pay for them is another matter...they will accept payments. If you have Medicaid, I don't believe it costs anything to have a child. You don't even have to pay for prenatal care. Now, if you have private insurance, it depends on the coverage. If you have too much money to qualify for Medicaid while you are pregnant but refuse to buy insurance, well, then you are on your own.
  • To be honest, I understand it costs quite a bit to raise a child in the long run, but it is RIDICULOUS that the child's entry into the world can cost upwards of $8,000 before any of a gazillion possible complications are taken into account. With the C-section rate steadily climbing, make that $15,000. Not counting the cost of my son's hospital delivery (which was legally necessary - all plans were in place for a midwife-assisted birth, but he was two weeks late and Florida law demanded a hospital delivery), my son's first nine months of life have cost us LESS than $1,000. That money is in a new crib and second-hand furniture, cloth diapers, a few clothes I didn't get as hand-me-downs, infant food for a couple of months, a nebulizer treatment for a chest cold, and one antibiotic for an ear infection he had at three months old. My son is in the 90th percentile for growth, is perfectly healthy, and pretty advanced in his physical development (already trying to walk on his own, self-feeding table food). He is cared for consistently by people he knows well and feels safe with. My husband and I do not have a lot of money, thanks to unfortunate circumstances that beset us after I became pregnant, but no one can tell me I am unfit to care for my son because of that.
  • Phillis, I typed this response from an employment centre computer in my local welfare building. I'm a male in my mid-40's, and while a welfare allowance already limits my ability to party, I'd still be disinclined to father children--I have no wife, no ex-, nor girlfiends--not while I'm in this socio-economic status of mine. I don't want to make the error my parents made--though I might be putting my existence at stake. :-D One should be ready--economically, as well as in other ways, to parent children--this you likely know far better than I. :-D Look at the animals. Often the female of the species gets good and fat before she gets ready to reproduce--as any observation of a queen ant would attest. So should it be ("should" as in expedient) for our species. Otherwise, that very mother, might be stuck with the children, burdened by 2 time-consuming tasks (parenting and working at a job), and unable to do either effectively, not be as able to enjoy her children, nor they her. As some others have mentioned, "denial" might be moot, given biology, and the fact that things like foster homes, or perhaps even forced adoptions, would consume more resources; but unless one is well aquainted with the self-reliance of our anscestors--my father was born in a farmhouse in Ireland, among many, and even he eventually had to go to North America--one should wait. Hope that helps. :-D
  • well the child is going to come whether someone can pay for it or not In the 21 st century, ppl who don't want to have children don't need to You can be pratically homeless and go to palnned partenhood and get birth control In all 50 states everyone has to take and pass a test to be able to drive, but any moron can breed some ppl just shouldn't I don't think that society should pay for anyone to have childern, if you can't afford it, don't let it happen.

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