• that site has the answer
  • Get limewire(free version I have). Go to and download psp video 9 program. Hook up your psp to your computer using a usb cable. When a video is downloaded on limewire, save it in a folder you can find on your computer. Load it onto the pspvideo9 program which should be on your desktop. Wait till its done converting the video file to be compatible with PSP. Go to copy on the side of psp video 9(in the little toolbar on the left side) select the file name and copy to your psp. It may be long but its really easy, I have it and i have so many videos.
  • i tried that what furyflash said because i do have lime wire too so when i drag the videos stayed saved on the computer but not on the psp
  • when i plug in my psp, it doesnt show up in library for psp video 9. how do i put a video onto the psp?????
  • step 1 make a folder name VIDEO 2 get video9 and convert the video so il be mpg-4 3 and drag it to the folder and il wok

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