• about the only way is to reload AVG 8.0 and check the option for tool bar so that you get it, but if you have foxfire it can cause some issue's and many folks report slow down problems form it. I personally got it of it, a pain in the rear. just one to many tool bars, but each to the own. AVG 8.0 Anti-Virus & Anti-Spyware 1. 2. Click where you see red arrow and download AVG free 8.0 3. This will take you to Cnet download web page, click the area that says download now, a box open that ask you to: Run or save or cancel file size is 45.5MB 4. Choose save either to desktop or my documents your choice 5. Once files is downloaded, right click and open file and run, the only thing you need to do is keep clicking next (except take note there is one box that ask you is you want a AVG toolbar uncheck this box many people report problems with foxfire and slow down issue etc) and computer will reboot and end. Toolbar has to be a personally choice! 6. If you already have AVG 7.5 it will uninstall by itself and AVG 8.0 takes over, also if you have AVG anti-spy ware you can un install this program as 8.0 is both now. 7. The new AVG allows you to schedule times for scans where old did not. On main page of AVG on the left hand side click computer scanner and a page comes up where you may set date & time, edit as often as you like. 8. Under tools at the top, look under history, you will find the virus vault basis same as old program. You can delete one by one or just empty vault, or rescan from here etc. Also under tools you can start a scan on your own, scan a file if you wish, or folder, do an update if you just wish to check and see if they are all done. 9. One of the biggest difference’s is when you are surfing the net you will see little green star by web site as AVG checks them for you to see if safe before entering, if there’s a question mark program is unsure. 10. And offers a help section at top also for those who need little more knowledge. 11. At one point you will be asked to registry your copy of AVG, just follow the instructions and it takes you to their web page, you must give your e-mail address and put a check in at least one box, click ok then its done.

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