• I'm 69 and have lost some of my muscle strength due to aging changes. So, I'm not as strong as I was 20 years ago. I was average for my age and size.
  • Strong enough. Could give ec-nal a run for his money in the ultimate fighting octagon yo...
  • I am 20 years old, weigh 135 pounds and bench press 85 pounds. I lose fights to 11 year old 80 pound kids
  • I am not sure how age is involved in this Q, but I am 22. I don't bench, though I do my share of pushups and curls. I know I can at least get 100 lbs over my head snack and jerk style, or even 150 or more, who knows? On the ripped scale, I would give myself a B- or even a solid B if I just worked out.
  • i am tall and out of shape. however, i am mentally strong. yay for nerds!!!
  • Physcially? Not very. Bit I spent two years being infected vy germs and developed the abilty to make an excuse for almost any physcical I'm pretty lazy now.
  • Leg press 500 lbs. Overhead 220 lbs. Just lifting a short distance about 600 lbs. (can lift the corner of a smaller car off the ground). Can bite corn cobs in half (maybe everyone can). Let's see - what other stupid human tricks? Can slide the back end of a small car sideways to make it look like someone was intoxicated when they parked. I beat 300 plus pounders in arm-wrestling. A few times I have beaten "pretty boys" in arm-wrestling with them using two arms against my one, but end up taking a while to heal. I would say I'm a quite strong vegetarian (almost vegan), and it is mostly natural. I'm starting to get more serious about weightlifting. How strong are you, koolxxx?
  • About average, I used to work out almost every day but stopped. I will start an exercise regimen again when I am ready.
  • Pretty bad assed for a chick if I do say so myself.
  • Stronger than I thought I would ever be :)
  • I was pretty strong today until I took a shower.
  • Not very unless someone hurts my kids then I turn into the incredible hulk.
  • physically: pretty strong mentally: i could be stronger

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