• Turn up naked (with beer!)
  • get a new boyfriend
  • Ask him something and/or answer his questions
  • ignore him. it will make him give you attention
  • You must've heard this saying- Way to man's heart is through his stomach.
  • blow him alot.that will do it...honestly not joking here
  • well you probably don't want bad attention, so blowing him to get him to notice you probably isn't a good idea, cause then he's going to be paying attention to you for that. I'd suggest what's allready been suggested, Ignore him.
  • Why do you feel the need for more attention? In order to answer this question properly, I would need to know this. Does he ignore you for long periods, or are you just a bit needy?
  • Try to look like the victim and give him like a sad puppy face :) lol. Or actually cook for him and try being to attentive. If that doesn't work then whenever you hang out with friends, enjoy yourself a lot with everyone....or just talk about it. Communication is an important key in a relationship.
  • hey dont seek attention cause you will never get it like that TRUST me. i have been there and tried that DOESN'T WORK!. however if you want him to pay more attention simply act like you don't need the attention do things for yourself that don't involve him he shall soon be offering his attention to you without you asking, and DO NOT i repeat DO NOT keep nagging at him with stuff like "you dont pay me much attention blah blah" we think telling them how we feel will solve the problem, but hey its a man we are involved with here they simlply don't GET the simple STUFF we need to be complicated we need to TEACH THEM A LESSON!
  • Strip in front of him and his friends
  • im having to same problem, ive tried everything. He plays World or War Carft, Nintendo DS games and X-box, he workds (not very much) but when hes home its games, sleep, and eat. Ive tired being sad, giving him what he wants (sexually) which i think now isnt sexy anymore just sleezy. Stripped been naked around him, tired telling him, nagged him, asked if if he wanted to do something else. But no all i get is ignored and negleted. He wants everything his way, and thinks hes right because he buys me things i want? i dont kno what to do i love him and want to spend the rest of my life with him. But i just want a little attention, im bored. And i think i might be a little needy not sure because my whole life i have never had attention spent most of it alone in my bedroom. Please help!
  • walk around the apartment in your underwear.
  • ove tried the underware`naked thing, it has worked a few times but not always. im not ugly what so ever lots of guys want me but i dont want them i want this one.
  • Walk around naked. :-)

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