• Well, I tried to potty train my guinea pig. I got him a litter box and did everything they say you can do. And he did use the litter box. As a bed -_- he laid in it and all it did was cause me more mess and problems. So I decided to ban the litter box. It just didn't work. He pooped in it and everywhere else. Then I tried training him to a certain corner in his cage. And he ended up pooping in every other corner but that one. So, I honestly don't think there is a way to train MY guinea pig. Maybe there is a way for you but not me. What I do is usually get a big blanket and place it in the places I am going to let him run and I bought him a harness so he can run around and at the same time I wouldn't lose him. Be careful when you let him down though.. Now, my guinea pig doesn't like running around. He rather be on my shoulder then running around. But I am sure all guinea pigs are different. Now all my friends who have had guinea pigs claim that they couldn't train theirs either. But the diaper thingy. I've actually thought about that and yes there is small enough diapers out there for them. I was thinking about making me one though with cloth. Hope I helped.
  • hello, i have had many guinea pigs in my time,i just bought #9,you shouldnt worry about the stools,theyre dry,so picking up their poop isnt terrible,but if i were you,id get a large beach towel and let the little piggy loose on the towel,its their urine that stains carpets.i dont know about potty training a cavy ( guinea pig).i know you can litter box train a rabbit,but not a guinea pig.

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