• Seeing everything again through the sparkling eyes full of wonder via my children :o)
  • watching everything that your child does. loving them so much. being there for them when they get hurt or sick. doing things with them that you didnt get to do as a child.
  • The one best is and always will be the love. The feeling you get to know that your child will always love you and to be able to give a kind of unconditional love no matter what happens. It will be great to feel such special care and admiration from someone you made, the love will be the gretest feeling you ever felt in your life
  • Having a child, of course!
  • Having a child!
  • Everything!! Children are amazing. The look in their eyes when they discover something new, the emotions they show, the love they have, the love you have for them, the wonder they experience with every new thing they learn. Watching them sleep, descriptions of their dreams, their hopes. Watching them grow into adulthood. The sticky smiles and kisses, there amusement with the simplest things. All of these things and so many more....
  • To be able to appreciate what your parents had done for you and that now it is your turn to do even better for your own children.
  • For me, the best thing about being a parent is the overwhelming love that I feel for my kids. I never knew that a love this huge was ever possible before. It is different than the love one feels for a spouse. It is bigger than the sky and deeper than the sea and brighter than the sun - and it grows and grows and grows. There is really no way to describe it well.
  • I learned a lot about myself through the process and will no doubt continue to do so (my kids are young adults now).
  • The absolute joy that you have when you look at your child sleeping, knowing you helped create him/her. The unconditional love you have for the child and the child for you. Just pure love. That's the best:)
  • I never knew love until I had my children. They are the most loving beings on earth. They smile, and my heart feels like it is going to burst with joy. They giggle, but they have no way of knowing the joy they spread when they do that simple act. It is almost enough to make me cry when I think of how I love them so. I guess I am just a sap!
  • Having your child eclipse you in some way. It's the greatest thing to experience when your child who couldn't even hold it's head up at birth does something better than you can or something you can't. All the efforts and hopes come together at that precise moment and I feel absolutely satisfied and more successful than I ever have.
  • That you have a deep love for your child and that they make you be strong in life and you want to be a great person and do everything for them
  • everything, the love you have for them, being able to share every moment with them, making wonderful memories and watching them turn into good adults, and have thier own.
  • The best thing about being a parent is seeing your kids happy face each morning. That kicks off my day and has made me a much better person.
  • Broken down it's only 216 months from birth of child support... j/k :)
  • The love is undescribable*spelling*. I absolutly love the feeling of watching my kid grow up. To see his accomplishments. His milestones in life. But man if you blink you miss them. I LOVE BEING A PARENT!!!!
  • just seeing the smile and the words "i love you to the moon and back mommy" she seems to know when the day is hard. it's just comes more out og the blue on my hard days. but, just wantching her sleep is right up there. its a hard choice....
  • Slave labor from the ages of 10 to 18. No, really, the simple joy of seeing what a wonderful and compassionate man my son has grown to be.
  • Finaly realizing what the word love means.
  • My children
  • i dont know.. but i sure am looking forwards to finding out!!
  • Having kids, duh!
  • At this point in my life, it's that I now have grandchildren. They are the light of my life!

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