• I reject the idea that peace can be achieved by violence. However, I also reject the idea that lack of violence is a sufficient condition for peace. True peace requires freedom from oppression; otherwise, social revolution is just around the corner. Thus, in order to get to peace you sometimes have to deal with tyrants by force (or threat/capability of force), as they do not respond to reason.
  • If you are not strong enough to keep what you have, then someone will take it. Peace is more than a lack of conflit. Peace entails a productive environment for the citizens. In order to preserve that environment, a show of force is sometimes necessary. Getting peace by leading through peaceful example is only successful part of the time. Part of the path of getting peace is judiciously using both the carrot and the stick as appropriate.
  • The Failure of their "preemptive strike" is there for everyone to witness for themselves. Things are now worse on all fronts. Those Neo Cons who claim to be Christians would have been better off listening to their teacher rather that worshiping him. He taught... do good to those who hate you. I think he is rigth, and they are wrong.
    • Hardcore Conservative
      Even God gave his archangels swords, knowing that you don't fight evil with hope and words alone. "Do not suppose that I have come to bring peace to the earth. I did not come to bring peace, but a sword."
  • Was JFK a Neo-Con? I didn't know that! I believe in peace thru strength. Peace doesn't mean everyone gets along. It just means there is no fighting or war. When the non-peace comes, and it will, we need to ready for it.
  • Peace is a strength. God teaches us to strive for peace with everyone. Were you ever amazed by how strong you are to not harm or strike one who harmed you? God touched you at that moment. To reject Satan's way is hard because its our own sinful nature to do what we desire over what God desires of us.
  • Call me idealistic if you want, but I believe that true peace comes from within. And when people are at peace with themselves, it's easier for them to be at peace with others.
  • Peace through strength is the way to gain the acceptable peace of equals and not the uneasy peace of one over the other.
  • never heard of it but it sounds good
  • You don't safeguard the peasant by disarming the knight. "Weakness only invites aggression."
  • it sounds right

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