• Seven jeans, True Religion, Diesel Jeans, Vans, White Ts, Ed Hardy, Trucker Hats, Cell phones, Tattoos, body piercings. Thats pretty much it. +pts
  • I don't know... we all wore uniforms.
  • Cellphones; short skirts/shorts/etc.; tiny tops; being supper skinny; money was fashion period! Also the number of I'll be mommy before you are pacts. I think we have had 6 or 7 pregnate mammias in my graduating class of 2005
  • Poodle skirts with lots of crinolines underneath..I graduated in 1954! :)
  • long socks, short skirts, tight shirts, collars up, looking trashy as possible basically and tons of makeup
  • ... mid 70s ... Bell bottom jeans, tie dyed T-shirts, muscle cars, the newly released Pink Floyd album "Dark Side of the Moon" ... Cheech & Chong ...
  • Tight rolled pants and keds with no socks.
  • Annorexia and tons of foundation. Looking like a complete whore with amazing cell phone to match. Treating the opposite sex like meat or worshipping them like deluded children.
  • I think t-shirts with sayings on them were pretty popular, like the "No Fear" ones or Co-ed Naked (before they got banned, boo) um...I think punk/goth was coming around... I wasn't very into fashion in HS so I pretty much just wore huge sweatshirts or flannel shirts to school...didn't pay much attention to what everyone else was wearing in the mid-late 90's.
  • I went to high school during the 70's and we wore bellbottom pants with tie-dyed shirts and platform shoes.
  • Early 80's- gouchos, polo shirts with logos, down vests, feather earings, denim jackets, designer jeans.
  • Early 60's: If it wasn't black, it wasn't "conservative". Nehru jackets. Peddle pushers and clam diggers. Converse sneakers. White bucks shoes. Long hair for guys was just coming in. Thanks for asking your Q! I enjoyed answering it! VTY, Ron Berue Yes, that is my real last name! Sources: Because you asked. Some personal observations.
  • straight leg jeans,or dress pants, button down shirts penny loafers some guys worn white t-shirts many wore dress shirts. tennis shoes were only worn on the gym floor. ladies wore dresses or skirts with button down blouses. usually a ribbon in their hair.
  • Those stupid shirts that were all crinkled up that looked like they could fit an infant then stretched when you put them on. Also, Dr Marten Boots, puffy coats, foam platform sandals, and any kind of hat.
  • when I was in high school the things that were in fashion happend to be levi strauss button fly 501s and all this time later they are in style, We were moving toward the Drug free body tee shirts, Guns and roses just came out with sweet child o mine, and the preppies were starting to do that Mullet thing, not me though I thought they were a little feminine, and the storm rider jackets along with the levi jackets with the cloth type collars, John cougar mellencamp came out with that album with the song Check it out,was big hit and Areo smith had a string of hits off of their Pump album, INXS was big, light coloured summer clothes were in, and thats all I can remember
  • Skin tight, have to use a pair of pliers to zip them up jeans (mine were always Chic), worn either tucked into boots or with a pair of Candie's. Worn with concert t-shirts.
  • bell bottom jeans were just being replaced by flared bottoms. Girls still wore halter tops. And tube tops. Oh and some wooden sandals they liked, which were NOT fun to get kicked by, in the shin (but someone taught them they had a right to hit boys since boys couldnt hit them. Yea, that seems fair :| Bitches. ...It was also fashionable for the girls to belly ache about equal rights, because they wanted to effeminate the boys and be bitches beyond just claiming a right to kick us for nothing. I also remember them wearing like dog collars sort of (OH wait those may have been actual dogs!)(Well, at least THEY let me fondle them) (kidding) (maybe) *blink*

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