• It really depends on whether it is bird raised or hand raised, whether it already talks, but consider it to be about $400-600
  • Galeanda is exactly right. I'd like to add that it would be MUCH better if you went through a breeder. Don't go through a pet store. Birds are high maintenance, and too often important short cuts are taken when feeding and handling. A well socialized bird should be a sweetheart, not a biter - EVER. If you don't know how to tell a healthy bird from a sick one, then you need to research it online, because birds can crash REALLY fast. Also, I don't know how well you are familiar with conures, but I have to tell you that most conures - especially sun conures - can scream. Really, really loud. Neighbors will complain. Your ears will complain. And you conure will complain if he doesn't get your attention. One way to curb this is to allow him to be on a playstand that is either light weight or rolling. You can take him from room to room wherever you are. BIrds require daily effort and interraction and are a demanding friend. They can be high maintenence animals. If you can handle that, you're good to go!
  • Michigan, between 250.00 and 400.00 depending on age and sex and whether your going to a breeder or a fair to purchase
  • Yeah, about a hundred dollars.
  • You can get them really cheap if you go to the swapmeat..I got all of my birds from there..Ranging from, parakeets, finches, doves, quail's, green-cheek conure, sun conure, (almost got) a cockatoo. The green cheek conure was $200 and the sun conure was $350-375. It is MUCH cheaper than the Petco stores+D
  • not sure, try goggling it and it might tell you

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