• About 4 days ago I noticed my P4 3.2GH's fan picking up from it's normal 1200 rpm to up to 3000rpm when I visited webpages that displayed Flash elements (odd thing is, it does this just with some Flash ads/YouTube) and sometimes when system restarts/AV updates itself. That is, some harder tasks. Usual CPU temp. was ~50-53 C regardless of activity, standby or with DVD/Photoshop/etc running at the same time. What could've changed so suddenly, especially that right now I'm running Photoshop/FF/Winamp and CPU temp is still ~55-56C and CPU fan at 1250-1300rpm?
  • Static elements require nearly zero processing so Photoshop won't load your CPU too harshly. DVDs are generally simple to decode, otherwise DVD players would be self-igniting all over the place. DVD playback won't load your system too harshly either. Flash has a lot of stuff going on and most Flash sites track your mouse pointers and they do not have the best space/time ratio; there is a LOT of reading and processing going on there. How does rendering or transcoding affect your fan speed?
  • i can only see this happening if you don't have a graphics card
  • Seiorai, all the things you describe are normal. Do not be afraid; a temperature of 50 to 60 degrees C is normal for the cpu. Flash elements use a lot of cpu power and therefore increase the temperature of cpu. That is why your cooler fan picks up its speed to 3000 rpm. Don't worry, this is normal behavior. I used to monitor my cpu temperature and fan speed for a long time with various special monitoring programs and my motherboard manufacturer's ones. I used to notice the same things as you. Now, I don't do that any more. I don't think it is worth it. As long as cpu fan works, it does its job. So be cool about it !!!!

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