• I'm religious because I learned about the theory or evolution and I think that's totally fake, so I had little other options than to have faith.
  • my family isnt religious, but my best friend was and she asked me to come to church with her. and i went and after learning about my religion i truly began beleiving.
  • I believe that there is no god. I'm not religious because I believe it's a control system. I feel religion gives many people the excuse to do bad things and feel like they are forgiven because some magical being in the sky will forgive them when they die. No, that's not how it works. If you do something terrible, you're still a scumbag. Also, just adding this point... I believe in Evolution because there is evidence behind it. Observational evidence, genetic evidence, fossil evidence, comparative anatomy evidence... What evidence is there of god? An old ass book filled with contradictions and primitive morals? I don't think so..
  • I lost interest in religion at age 10. The deacon of our local church was also a local child molester. When he was found out, the community supported him and let him stay in his position at the church. (It was more than one little girl). So I didn't understand how people could be so hypocritical if they truly believed. For many years I was an atheist... but it didn't feel right in the end so I stopped using that word. I'm still not ready to pick a religion or to argue one side or the other, but it seems to me like there is something bigger than us. I feel like too many things have happened in my life that could not be coughed up to coincidence. Until I figure out what label I feel comfortable being given, I will continue to try to be as good as I can be to myself and to others... and I try to be openminded when I hear other people's views.
  • religion has no point, it feeds nobody, praying doesn't help, or maybe I'm just too much self-centered, I do not believe in the brotherly love which they preach...if the islamic terrorists are so religious, why do they kill people? Why does the Catholic Church do nothing to save the Jews from the Holocausts?
  • I went to a small christian non denomination church until age 18 and really enjoyed it. The people who I grew up around really lived and taught us to live as close to the bible as you could even though we are not perfect so, I always assumed that was how all christians were until I left and saw other churches and christians who didn't act the way I was taught. Then the questions and confusion started. My parents were no help because they never went with me to church so, I looked at them strange. Even though I stopped going to church for 12 yrs and I've been through the ringer and should be dead. I've always felt that there was something bigger out there then me protecting my steps and I've always tried to keep some kind of faith no matter what I go through. I just recentally found a good small church again. But it's very hard for me. I've seen a lot of crap still have tons of questions who knows the right answers. I don't go around quoting verses or pointing fingers or downing anyone else's beliefs because who am I to do that to another person. I know I have my faults like everyone else. Who am I to knock another person and I don't have the proof.
  • There is a lts of religion in the world and on a large scale causes more problems. Individualally I respect people's spirituallity, but personally find it hard to believe that a divine being that is nought but good can create a world so flawed and allow people to do such horriblethings in his name. He also created some right pointless creatures and horrific diseases with which to mess around with people. If he does exist (an I am unsure) then he is not the good guy people make him out to be and I don't want to be a part of the hypocrisy... but that is not to say that I object to those who are.
  • I love God and want to be an obedient daughter of His. Knowing that He loves ALL of His creations has made me more religious. :D

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