• If you double click on My Computer you should see a drive that you can double click to access the information on the card. Then just select all of the files press Ctrl + X (Cut). Go to the folder you want to move them to on your hard drive and press Ctrl + V (paste). That should work. =)
  • Chances are, it should ask you what you want to do in a pop-up window (it usually does for me when I stick in some media into my computer; refer to IMAGE 1). If it doesn't, you can go to "My Computer" (IMAGE 2 shows you how to find "My Computer") and look for a device that looks like your multimedia card reader (IMAGE 3...may not look exactly like what you see in this pic however). Double click on it. Double click the folder you want to move those pics into. Then go back to the XD card folder and highlight what you want to move. Then drag all of that into the folder you want to move it into (IMAGE 4).

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