• "N/A" often stands for "Not Applicable." When completing paperwork for processes related to production, at times it is important to "line out" any blank spaces on the form to show that the form was completed. If you didn't add the diagonal line and "N/A," theoretically someone could come along later and add additional steps that were done, which should go on a separate form. In this way you complete the form and remain compliant per agency standards. Also, on some forms, if you have a small blank vs. a table of lines, it is often more desirable to fill in "N/A" than leaving it blank, and sometimes required. This says to an inspector, "I reviewed this, and it doesn't apply" vs. "Oops, I didn't mark anything in this blank because I missed it." This is actually a very good question, as it deals with compliance and accuracy of documentation. You may have asked more than you realize. :o)

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