• Not my friends but I fight with my fiance over dumb things all the time!!! Leaving clothes all over the living room (wtf? lol)... leaving clothes on the floor of the bedroom (I refuse to wash clothes that arent in the hamper, its only fair).... leaving food and dishes all over... not mowing the lawn (which is his ONLY household responsibility).... forgetting appointments.... so many DUMB things to fight about!!! Sometimes I just pick up his things in order to have a clean house and save the fight for when I've had to ask him 10+ times to do something or to pick up after himself. ;) When it comes to a head is when we'll fight about it!
  • My best friend and I bicker a lot over silly things. lol But the arguments end as abruptly as they start and mean nothing. I really do love her. She's a good hearted and loyal person, two things I most treasure in a person.
  • Yeah , girls !! :-D
  • yeah but then a few minutes after we realize how stupid we both were and get over it and move on
  • No i dont fight with my friends over anything.
  • No, we joke about he dumb things and discuss the important things.
  • Maybe when I was very young. I don't remember fighting about anything with family or friends for a very long long long time.:)
  • No, since I've grown up I've never fought with friends. We find other ways to settle our differences and those differences just aren't huge at all. I've lost no friends since my teens or pre-teens.
  • No..dumb things are not worth fighting over and fighting with friends will only brings unhappiness. Far better to talk about things..then move past it :)
  • Unfortunately, yes. But my best friend and I chalk it up to our very healthy friendship that we fight over dumb things and nothing serious! We usually end up laughing.
  • no its very rare i fight with my friends and if i do it has to be over something serious.
  • I'm at the point in my life where if it's a dumb thing, I'll just stop arguing. The friend ship and energy required for a pointless arguement
  • ya all the time. its normal
  • Yeah, I fight with my friend Nicole over the most retarded things you have ever heard. It's like we are married. Ugh.
  • I think we all have been guilty of that at one point in our lives. As I have gotten older, I have grown to realize fighting seldom solves anything. Most arguments are over dumb things or things that occurred in the past.

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