• She found her happy button and until she learns to tone it down she will press that button as often as possible. There is such a things as too much of a good thing - in other words if porn and masturbation starts cutting into real life things, or becomes a predominate 'alone time' activity it is then time to seek professional help. Now would be an excellent time to mention that what she sees in porn is not necessarily what she will do or what she should even seek to do in the real world with other people. Things like the pregnancy talk, the safe sex and STD talk, the talk about how sex is a wonderful thing, but is best served as the icing on the cake of a relationship and not be the means or the reason for a relationship.
  • Why on earth would you let a thirteen year old watch porn?
  • its normal, i was doing the same thing at 13 lol im 21 now and i've only slept with one guy (my boyfriend of 5yrs) honistly i still love porn lol but its just like someone loving chocolate or dogs or w.e
  • I believe that pornogrphy is sick and immoral and you should limit that. But masterbation is a normal and healthy activity. You should allow her privacy for that.
  • I do and im twelve. hahah, I dunno why.
  • maybe your daughter can help you with your spelling and grammar?
  • I wouldn't allow the porn if it were my 13 year old. I think that sends unhealthy messages about sexuality for someone of that age. The masturbating is normal, safe, and healthy, though. There's nothing to explain, really. That's what you should expect of a girl at that age (or that stage of development), because the hormones are making her want/need to do that. In addition to the physical urges, there's the need to explore one's own changing body and feelings. I think that's pretty much universal among adolescents. The porn, however, just serves to make a person feel like they ought to look like this or ought to be doing that, which I think is unhealthy.
  • masterbating is normal but be carful she doesnt want to have sex or want to post porn oh yea if she wants to play with her anal tell her to do it in the shower and after to wash what ever she used of finger good afterwards teller to not do it in bed cause anal is full of germs and she might squit from her pussy wen masterbating
  • Whats to explain?
  • i started when i was 11 it is totally normal and every teen does it yours just got caught... if you think this is bad you should hear what kids talk about in middle school dont worry this does not make her a bad kid
  • She is being a normal 13 year old. She is learning about sex and life. The thing to do is sit with her explaining to her porn is Okay but it is not normal but very exaggerated. Masturbation is also normal and touching genitals is normal for any child from infancy. Leave the diaper off an infant and it will soon start exploring their body. When they find their genitals they learn very quickly how good it feels. Remember always the Lord God gave us sex for pleasure and enjoyment. He did not say it was bad or sinful. As long as everyone involved is agreeable sex is good for everyone. Teach your daughter (or son) about sex.
  • Sounds normal. In today's internet environment she's going to come across porn. Be glad she's self disiplined enough to keep control of those urges. Perhapse your good parenting has taught her restraint so she doesn't act on the stimulation.

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