• Given how general your question is, it is impossible to formulate a response that is appropriate and helpful to you. My instinct as an AB member is to always try to provide helpful answers, but any answer I am trying to give you is missing the mark because I have no basis from which to understand the issue. And even if I did, addiction counselors and other professionals know far more about the subject. I would advise you to talk to somebody about the specific issue. If you know that you have an addiction, you are already more than half way there.
  • Check out this free e-guide <a href="">overcoming addiction</a>
  • NA or AA
  • The only way I know to fight an addiction is abstain from it. Yes! I know easier said than done. When you have a craving for whatever you are addicted to is to realize that you need to get your mind off of it and eventually it will go away. Some craving are worse than others so you just have to be determined. It's a mind thing!! Some addiction are physical and in this case you have to have help from professionals but it still comes down to determination and staying away from people, places and things that trigger cravings. Meditation helps too and getting in touch with your feelings...hope this helps.
  • I think you should try a rehab program. It is helpful and effective in the long run. Try to see if it helps.
  • Desparation. Sometimes you gotta hit that low.
  • Suicide - it's the only way to be sure you won't have a relapse.
  • Learn how to upgrade your "needs" to "preferences".
  • One day at a time. Take it from me, a recovering addict w/ 3 yrs. clean. First of all, you(I'm going to use the word "you" for simplicity) have to want recovery. Many people who go into recovery are at the end of their rope. They've had it with life, look at themselves as a complete failure, and many want to end their lives. There are many different 12-step programs for addictions to alcohol, drugs, sex, gambling and many more. Don't be afraid to attend these meetings because everyone is in this together, and the support is usually amazing. Most large communities and cities have recovery and rehab programs, some of them free like the Salvation Army Adult Recovery Centers. I am finishing my 3 years in a recovery program at WeMAC, West Michigan Addiction Consultants, which is known as the miracle of West Michigan. Trying to overcome addiction by yourself and without the support of a program most often, not always, results in relapses. In a recovery or rehab program, you will learn an awful lot about yourself by "peeling back the onion," and you will learn how to cope with what life throws your way and how to cope without the use of mind- and mood-altering substances. So, if this is you, set forward. If it isn't you, please share this information. And, stay in the present. Don't suffer by thinking about those you hurt in the past, and don't "get all up in your head" thinking about what the future may bring that may affect your ability to cope. Stay in the day and learn how to use the tools that have always been at your disposal but you didn't know they were there. Stay strong, keep your head high, don't hold in your sad feelings and network. And, the very best to you or to the person who is suffering.
  • get away, start over but surround yourself with better people...leave the past in the past and seek treatment if it's bad enough...your not worthless but worthy of another chance without chemicals. Good Luck
  • I think mind over matter. You must really have that inner urge to STOP!
  • flsahback to those days when you were clean. see how u used to think or feel or what you used to do during the day or night. do the same.
  • Well.. if its serious, overcome it with another addiction dat doesnt include drugs, sex, killing, or anything else thats bad. Try to be addicted to playing an instrument, listening to music, working out, or maybe chewing sugar-free gum. If you occupy your mind and body with something else then that bad addiction, maybe during time you will forget about it. :)
  • i could tell you a million things to overcome it. but i dont think you ever do. you might be off of the drug... but you'll always remember yourself on it and how it made you feel. sure theres hope, you can overcome anything. theres that line of druggie/ non -druggie. when you step into the "druggie" side, you cant go back. you will always be an addict.

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