• It is mainly a leucocyte concentrated vehicle(liquid)
  • Most of the time its just moisture from the cells of the human body, water. This does not include infection.
  • The main fluid is Serum (the clear one). Sometimes it can be blood if a vessel ruptures, and sometimes it can be pus (the white/yellow thick fluid) if it's infected. Or a mixture of some, or all of the above ^^
  • I'd say it is water.
  • "new skin" juice or leucawhateveritis
  • I get pus a few times in my life. The yellow oozing or the white oozing are pus. They are trapped bacteria inside the skin. The skin can wrap itself around anything; including bacteria. That is how a pus forms or a blister form. Proper cleaning and cleaning frequently can help prevent this from happening. It's not water. Water cannot be trapped inside the skin. They are ABSORBED by the skin. No, a sebum is oils on your skin, which pops out when a PIMPLE is popped. There's a difference.

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