• I am a Virgo and my ex b/f was an Aquarius, and we were together over 11 years. There is a unique connection between the 2 signs, so ENJOY
  • I agree, in my experience, these two signs have a definite connection, but it requires work and understanding. It sounds like there is a deep love there, but some kind of hurt or behavior is coming between you. Also, Virgos seem to need time off from the stresses of life and Aquarians are much more comfortable with being social.
  • I think it can be a great relationship. You have to figure out what you must do differently to keep communication open. Get clear on what you need from each other in a relationship and focus your attention and energy on giving that to each other. And you can NEVER take each other for granted. Be optimistic. It can work. I am a Virgoan woman who has had similar experience with my Aquarian male. There is something very different and special about our relationship. Love more than you allow yourself to be frustrated. All the best.

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