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  • not offended but then just thinking bloody hell get on with it and just look at them so we can get that awkward moment at the way asap
  • I don't get offended, but creeped out. If they are hanging out then I can assume they will be looked at, but if I am fully covered and you are still trying to sneak a peek then it's just weird. I am not staring at your crotch so don't stare at my chest;~}
  • Starring is ridiculous, glancing isn't soo bad. It's my fault that they're sticking out, so what should I expect?? I MYSELF have a hard time not checking out a nice rack every now and again.
  • Not really if it's very subtle.
  • ya know i only noticed one person doing it and i was kind of offended because he was really nice and I liked him. It hurt my feelings....I wanted him to like me, not my boobs.
  • If he respects me as a person there isn't any harm in his also admiring the view and I can't really hold it against him...But if a dude is constantly staring at them it tells me you aren't interested in me, just my boobs and I have a lot more to offer than a couple of sacks of fat.
  • Subtle look is alright...and mine are small so I get extremely offended when guys just stare..I mean, there's not much to look at anyways so why stare for so long?
  • if it's subtle enough that i know i'm the only one who caught it, i might only be slightly irritated. if he's stuck on them, i feel more than just offended, but i get kinda angry too
  • No, I dont get offended, I think they are actually really cute, because they turn red, when I cacth them.
  • It depends. [blatant honesty] If I think the guy is attractive, then I may think it's flattering. But if I don't find him attractive, then I may want to vomit. [/blatant honesty]
  • If I don't notice them looking then there isn't a problem, if I do notice them looking then they are being blatantly obvious and I would simple stop talking to them. Considering I am short and large breasted it tends to be fairly obvious when a guy is staring.
  • I could care less really. I'm losing weight, so I take it as a compliment in a way. I know that the one guy who looks at my boobs all the time, is the one I go home with.
  • For the most part, I dont enjoy it, unless I am interested in the said person. What really gets me though is when I am TALKING to them and they dont even look me in the eye. It doesnt happen often, but it still bugs me. =P
  • lol no then its kinda funny and if theyre a real nice guy its kinda cute that they try not to
  • I guess if they look, and then look away or back up to your eyes, then it's okay. But if they just stare for like 5 seconds or more, then it's rude. I don't personally feel uncomfortable by it, but I know that lots of women do. So if the guy does that, then I think he's rude because he should know that there's a good chance that he's offending the woman.
  • i get kinda annoyed when im talking to a guy, or im in close proximity to one and i can totally see them checking out my goods. and not even in a respectful way, like, looking at me like im a piece of meat or if they stare hard enough theyll be able to see through my clothes! i dont mind if you respectfully give me a once over at a reasonable distance, but christ if im right next to you, im going to notice that lil drool spot on your shirt from trying to look down my blouse!!
  • i think it's ok if they're not a creeper about it or leering, but it's human nature...if a guys in tight pants, how can you not glance, you know? just to see what's goin on?
  • No, in that case I am not offended.
  • Just a side note to all the ladies: If a guy is talking to you wearing sunglasses, he's not looking at your eyes.
  • its only natural, but if they do it too much, and make it obvious, thats when im outta there!
  • No, that is just human nature.
  • I'm usually flattered when I notice someone noticing me, but if a guy is just flat-out staring at my boobs it makes me feel like they see me as just a set of jugs. I like to be admired, like anyone else, but when a woman feels objectified it's likely to put her on the offensive. It's important to know the difference between admiring and ogling, is what I'm saying.
  • Actually I don't mind as long as they don't try anything. I mean if I was in an outfit that is casual and I got "checked out" I would feel happy, or if I did try to dress-up I would feel happy. To me I believe that wherever I go someone will stare, either it being good or bad, at my body, or what I am wearing and I don't care. Hell, I have been "checked out" when I haven't bathed for a day, wearing old, baggy cloths. I am teenager and I don't have very big breast and I haven't talked to a guy who talked to my breast and if I did I didn't notice.
  • Noticing them is fine, and even flattering, but after noticing them, it's time to look me in the eye and not continue to stare at the my chest. I'm much more than a bra size! ;)

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