• Among current models in regular production, the costliest is an "Oyster Perpetual Day Date" with platinum case and bracelet that costs $62,500. Some limited-editions and unique pieces in the past that had many diamonds cost up to $125,000 when they were sold. Some old ones have sold for high prices at auctions. On 10/26/07, the Rolex "Cosmograph Daytona" that was given in 1968 to actor Paul Newman by his wife Joanne Woodward sold for $17,752,500 total at an auction held by Phillips auction house in New York.. This watch is a chronograph with modified Zenith "El Primero" movement. Rolex did not make its own chronograph movements until 2001.
  • Who cares! My Timex tells time just fine. When it breaks I go to Walmart and buy another one for around $30. You can't do that with a Rolex. When it breaks you put it in a drawer and go buy a Timex.

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