• That is about two-thirds of the reason. Part of it is genetic, but most of it is learned habit. Food choices, eating patterns and diet choices all factor in, but it comes from your parents.
  • For most of your life, especially if you are a short person, you are going to have to fight obesity. You can do this by being very strict with yourself, watch what you eat and exercise. Unfortunately, you have genetics from both obese parents. Think before you eat anything. Remember, you are what you eat.
  • If you watch the new commericals by Subway... they will tell us that we are obese because the burger joints give us everything too large and that is why we put on weight.
  • Probably -- but that doesn't mean it's hereditary. Kids with obese parents acquire the habit of over-eating as learned behavior. It's not clear what the role of genetics is, if any. In any case being aware of the tendency is half the battle of avoiding obesity.
  • You don't inherit "obesity" from your parents, per say, but you do inherit their slow metabolisms. When your metabolism is slow, you're much more likely to gain weight if you don't diet and exercise correctly. With enough persistence, anyone can be at a healthy weight, but it is definitely more difficult for people of certain genetics than others.

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