• A non subjective issue can be proven scientifically while the subjective issue depends on who resolves it and how, without the guarantee that the same result will be obtained by another one of the same level of work
  • I found those questions here: " A) A non-subjective issue has generally accepted criteria that can be used to judge it while a subjective issue does not. B) A non-subjective issue is true while a subjective issue is false. C) Though subjective and non-subjective issues are both based on claims (matters of fact), non-subjective issues are concerned only with claims whose truth values can actually be determined. D) There is no key difference between subjective and non-subjective issues." Source and further information: According to this quiz, answer "A" is correct. Note that I had not so good results myself by taking this quiz: "3 correct (43%) 4 incorrect (57%) 0 unanswered (0%) " Further information:

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