• --my understanding of this after haveing asked an attorney at one time is, yes you can. you arefree take pictures in all public areas. his answer, not mine. i am not an attorney.
  • It depends. If the camera is on his property he can point anywhere he likes and record what ever he wants, even on a public street. He cannot however do it on your property. It sounds like you are at war with your neighbor, have you spoken to them about the camera and what their intention is of recording your activities. Or are they just being an annoying neighbor? Concerning the Bill of Rights, you have a right to privacy. Your neighbor cannot use any of the media they record of you legally in a court of law. Perhaps maybe only if they record criminal activities, but it is upto the Police and District attorney to decide that the recording is credible and legal. If not your nieghbor can wind up in a pickle jar. An attorney can claim it as inadmisable for numerous reasons as to the intent they have recorded your activities. You can also contact your local attorney generals office and explain to them the situation so they can inform you of your rights. You may be able to take your neighbor to court and ask the judge to order your neighbor to cease and desist their activity's because it is disturbing the sanctity of your home, your right to privacy, and peace. This is a valid and legal complaint, and may also require a restraining order against your neighbor. If the law fails to protect you; Basicly your a victim of some type of psychological warfare, so the best thing to do is to fight fire with fire. If it was my last resort and my neighbor were doing that to me I would mount a strobe light on the side of my house and position it directly at the camera with a remote switch and activate it when ever I needed. This will distort the video and make it hard to watch on the eyes. Secondly, I would mount an audio speaker and direct towards the neighbor, and play some kind of annoying music they do not like at a normal speaking volume. This will distort the audio and make hearing conversations difficult. Though this is childish and may annoy the other nieghbors, you are in your right to defend your privacy. If your neighbors complain, direct them to the neighbor with the camera, and that you will cease such counter espionage activities when your neighbor ceases his and not before. They should empathize with your situation, I also recommend filing a complaint with the nieghborhood association if you have one. Goodluck.
  • NO, I'm pretty sure that they can't, unless they have a warrent by a judge or something. I suggest walking over there one day and talking it over with them. Then maybe you can come up with a solution together. If that doesn't work, and what they are doing is truly illegal, then call a police hot-line and complain. If nothing is working then either get thick blinds and plant lots of tall plants in your yard, or do something in your house or backyard that they can see that is legal, but will totally freak them out, and they will decide not to watch you, or they will move (ie. have a giant sex party, or do something nasty
  • What if the camera/audiois pointed at a bathroom....doesn't that take this to another level ?
  • ok...this is the deal!! i am a licensed private investigator and depending on the state the law varies... you neighbor can point camera anywhere he pleases....but, if you have a privacy fence and he catches you or your wife in revealing manor...(i.e.-naked or topless) you can file suit against him for invasion of privacy or if he sees through your window something that you did not consent to now...on the other hand, if you and your spouse having sex in front of the window with the blinds drawn, then you are technically consenting to have your acts taped and therefore could be brought up on charges for performing lewd and leucivios acts in public...the state determines the gap in the blinds on that case good luck
  • I audio record my own back yard because of my neighbor's barking dog. We've asked politely on numerous occasions, but they didn't seem to to care about our rights to quiet enjoyment and our right to privacy. Amazingly, once they caught on the we were overtly putting the portable voice recorder outside the amount of barking has greatly decreased. The point is, are you doing anything to violate their rights?
  • Yes but there are privacy devices that you can Implement as well. At the VA they have machines that you can plug in and they'll make a whirring sound so that whatever is being said in confidence cannot be overheard. I don't know where your neighbor's camera is but if you could erect a volleyball net and drape it with a sheet or blanket. It'll block their view of whatever their camera is pointed at.

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