• OMG i hate her!!!! shes a self rightiuos intolerant witch! she judges others on their beliefs insted of who they are as people and shes mean to her kids and i just plain out do not like her! but i heard they convinced her to take the 10,000 dollars.
  • I am from Louisiana and she made people from Louisiana look like me there are SANE people there...
  • She is the very personification of an ignorant hate-monger. She was presented with nothing but tolerance, compromise and love, and has slapped it in the face every chance, claiming she is the 'only one' who fights for God. Had I been the husband, either of them, she would have gotten her split-gapped teeth knocked down her throat, followed by her cross. Let's take a look at the 7 sins: 1) Gluttony - nothing more needs to be said 2) Greed - she took the money 3) Pride - she is the 'only God Warrior' and it was other people's faults that she failed to convert them. 4) Lust - ugh, let's not go there... 5) Sloth - you don't get to be 500lbs if you're active 6) Wrath - yeah... just watch the show 7) Envy - I'm sure it's there - you don't become that angry without some level of bitterness at those that you perceive as better off. However, to give the benefit of the doubt, that's at least 5 of the 7... so, yeah, she's hooped according to her own doctrine. God Warrior my butt.
  • I watched a re run of her the other night on CMT trading spouses, lady is a bloody NUTTER! I bet they really regret choosing her in the end.
  • In her first season on Trading Spouses, she came across very badly. She didn't like what she saw and changed herself and her attitude by her second season on Trading Spouses -- physically, spiritually and emotionally. Although I didn't like her at all on her first stint on Trading Spouses, I have to say that anyone who learns from that sort of experience and uses it to better themselves is far more worthy a person than they began. I hope she continues to grow as a person. I also hope that this season's embarrassment to humanity, Stephen Fowler, has a similar awakening and becomes a better person. He has nowhere to go but up.

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