• In which nation was your marriage officiated, and where do both of you now reside? That determines what options you have.
  • If you are in the states, you can get a divorce pretty quick and cheap these days. Depending on your living situation and if you have already split things up. Going rate in Illinois, is about $500.00 with the right lawyer, but this is with no kids and completely agreeing on all aspects of bills and money. You can be legally and finalized within as little as you like. He needs to sign the papers unless you want to spend a lot more money to take him to court to and try to "make" him sign them. Good luck!
  • Laws vary in different countries, states, provinces etc. In Ontario, after one year of separation, you can apply for divorce and the other party is notified by registered mail. If they do not respond to the notification within 60 days, it is assumed they agree to the proceedings and the divorce goes through and is finalized 30 days later.

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