• I don't know about all that, but I always end up being the pissed off one.
  • i guess it all depends on why they got mad.
  • They don't care for the moment they are mad at you.
  • Depends on what they are mad about & why.
  • To get mad, you've got to have some kind of emotion. Without emotion, there would be only apathy.
  • If you don't care about something or someone, you don't get mad about it or at them. But it doesn't mean that they aren't upset with you.
  • Being mad is a universal emotions. At some point during our lives we will all be mad at someone for some reason. If someone does not care about you or like you, they are not going to waste the energy being mad at you, there not going to waste the time period. My daughter tells me she is mad at me all the time, does she still love and care about me, YES. You are mad for a minute, hour, day, week, month. However long it takes you to get over being mad at a particular person for whatever reason it was, big or small. YOu eventually do get over it and if you cant then you obvioulsy are wasting your time and therefore need to move on, and you dont really care about that person enough to let whatever it is that made you mad go.
  • People get mad at me all the time, but it's always the ones who don't give a crap, or those who would rather control me....So no it doesn't mean they care...But it does mean that you need to take a serious look at the situation, and preferably without the rose colored glasses on. (((((((((Hugs)))))))))
  • It would depend on the situation. If you didn't do anything to this person and they get mad at nothing then you really should re-evaluate the relationship. You don't need to be around people that make issues out of nothing. On the other hand, if you had done something inconsiderate or that imposes on this person they may have a reason for their frustration. The key is good communication. Try to discuss the problem. It may just be time to move on. Good luck!

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