• If you're referring to the impact of illegal immigrants on the system: part of their pay is (presumably) withheld for Social Security/Medicare/other taxes, but they are of course ineligible for these benefits unless they become citizens, since you need a Social Security number to collect them. At worst, it's a wash.
  • people who immigrate here are deceived by the illusion that we have more jobs... the illegal ones are just about the only contributers and the rest are really good at listing company expenditures
  • What they pay far offsets what they take from our system.
  • The contributions of illegal aliens go to the treasury and increase the effect of your contributions. Contributions to fake social security numbers have the effect of reducing the taxes for the rest of us. - As far as legal immigrants are concerned, it is their contributions that will actually pay your check in the future. - As the birth rate of the US is not high enough to replace the current population we need the immigrants to increase the work force. This is what will keep social security alive so that the workers of today can collect tomorrow. -
  • It's a proven fact that SS benefit entitlements are not as robust as originally planned. The more baby boomers that reach entitlement age, the quicker these benefits will get depleated. Immigrants who become naturalized will join the ranks of eligibility simply by default qualification and they will add to depleating these benefits once they reach the entitlement age. Yet they would not have contributed a lifetime to the program as other early generation Americans have. It is not fair, nor equal for this imbalance to occur or continue but will nevertheless. Many are flocking to the good ole U.S. of A. simply to receive medical benefits, free education stipends, and full welfare assistance simply by the fact they bear a child on U.S. soil. These same immigration laws have opened the doors of democracy but are now crumbling the very steps of righteous entitlements due to misinterpreation, abuse, and misuse. You do the math and see when we'll go broke and the picture is very bleak. Luckily I've gone anther route towards retirement so I won't have to count on a program that I invested heavily but probably won't receive a dime. I will be saddened to see my fellow Americans who heavily counted on SS be disappointed and heartbroken when their dreams of some small entitlement disappears as a possible result of immigration misuse. Sorry I see it that way but feel free to prove me wrong with some other facts.

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