• You wont be able to. your laptop dosent know weather you have connected your computer to TV untill and unless all reciver pins recive signals and the input is completed. I may be wrong but i think you require a different cable or use some other port
  • try plugging the cable in before turning the laptop on and turning on the TV first, some graphics cards just dont have a tv option built into the driver its just the way it is, but if there is a TV attached when you boot up the bios should detect it and enable the s-video port if it doesnt detect one on boot it will stay disabled. make sure the TV is on the correct channel (usually AV, AV1 or AV2) also is the cable same at both ends or seven pin one end and 4 pin the other, if they are same on both ends you have the wrong cable and need a converter. ill se if i can find out what its called.

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