• Yes, they do but don't let politicians get involved!! Do you recall that poor lady Terry Shivlow from Florida?? What a circus that ended up to be. Some like to feel so religous they feel keeping the suffering alive is GODS work/// Words to think about??
  • The "right to die" issue gets very cloudy very fast in our culture. One thing I think worth pointing out is that nobody can actually remove a person's "right to die". People take their own lives all the time, and they never get prosecuted for it. Usually where the trouble begins is when we start asking whether another person can legally assist the person who wants to die, or allow them to die by not providing life-saving assistance. While I generally support the notion that a clear-minded individual who is physically incapable of ending their own life should have the right to ask someone else to help, I also recognize that some scenarios around this topic can become very complex and have less obvious "yes or no" answers ethically. However, like so many issues in life, we tend to oversimplify the discussion, then take sides, then defend the side we've taken as if our life depended on it, and generally make the water so cloudy and dangerous that all sober folks give up in disgust and walk away from the debate, leaving only the extremists to slug it out.
  • I think so. If a dog in pain is allowed to be put down because it is the kindest thing to do, surely we should be as kind to people
  • Another answer mentioned euthanasia. I think we need to paint a line here. There is a difference between assisted suicide and euthanasia. Assisted suicide is where someone wants to stop living but is unable to complete the taking of their own life. They ask someone else to do the physical part of ending their life. Euthanasia is where the powers that be (normally the government) set up a system whereby the individual does not have the final say in whether they live or die, either the government or some representative of power makes the decision. I fully agree that people who can prove their mental state should be allowed to decide their own fate. I don't agree that other people should be allowed to decide the fate of an individual based on economics. I am unsure whether other people have a right to make a decision based on medical grounds when the individual cannot make their own wishes known.
  • We can all sign a DNR, is that not the same thing just before that fact, so why can we not choose to die when we begin to suffer.
  • I think so, like my grandpa has wanted to die for a long time now, and he was in critical condition a bit ago. He wanted to die, but, with treatment, he got better.
  • if he/she insists yes
  • They usually can do that on their own. It's living they have trouble with.
  • Yes. And not just them, either. By that I mean that people who don't want to live should be able to decide and then get help, too.

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