• Lets add one more option, giving yourself brain surgery, that would probably be the healthiest.
  • Chain smoking cigarettes is healthiest. Chronic Alcoholism is second healthiest. Heroin addiction would be the least healthy choice of those three options.
  • well, with alcoholism you put your liver at risk. that can be replaced with smoking, you put your lungs at risk, but there's a chance only one will go with heroin you risk chronic constipation, and kidney failure- again you've got 2 of those withdrawal symptoms are really bad for heroin, pretty bad for cigarettes, and negligible for alcohol cigarettes are pretty easy to acquire, hard to sneak alcohol is easy to acquire, and easy to sneak heroin is hard to acquire, and easy to sneak so... i think it's a toss up
  • neither of them
  • Looking for a new habit?

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