• They never call here, but I gladly take part in the surveys/polls when the call arrives.
  • I hang up one second after.
  • I hang up.
  • We got rid of our land line and only use our cells now. We are also on the national do not call list. So we know that if someone calls they got our number from someone, and it's pretty easy to logically track who.
  • Eh, most of em are just poor college kids like me. I at least give them a second to show me what they've got, then I'll give em the boot if Im not interested. Im never a jerk, though; they are just trying to make a living like the rest of us.
  • We lay the phone on the table until they hang up. That way they still get paid, and they can't bother anyone else while they are talking to my notebook.
  • ... depends in what I am doing when the phone rings ... if I am being interrupted, I just say, "Not now." and hang up ... if I am not busy, I will give them a very brief chance to get and hold my interest ... they usually fail and I hang up a moment later, but rarely they are offering something I actually want, so I listen, but their offers are seldom a great deal, so I usually decline and hang up anyway. ... if I feel like hassling them, I'll do what I saw in the movie, "Ruthless People" ... Danny Devito is being interviewed by the police about the kidnapping of his wife when the phone rings ... "Hello ... who? ... she can't talk with my penis in her mouth, I'll have her call you back when we are through." ... click ...
  • I tell them I'm not interested and ask them to take me off of their calling list and then I hang up.
  • I'm polite but firm, thank them and hang up.
  • I usually click the talk button and then click it again after waiting for 2 to 3 seconds to hang it up, eh?
  • I use caller ID and my answering machine (they NEVER leave messages).
  • Although I may get downrated lol, coming from someone who did a brief stint as a market researcher (surveys, not selling anything) I have a few things to say on this. At the place I worked, 90% of the employees were young people who were just trying to earn a bit of money while going to school. Picture yourself having to sit at a desk with a headset for 4-8 hours a day and how things like 'hang up after hang up, rudeness, etc' would affect you; it could put you in a bad mood, drive you to tears etc. But yes I also do realize the other side of the fence, because I get soliciting calls too. It depends what it is, and having said that, I think it's a good idea to at least let the person tell you what they're calling about. I mean seriously, how do you know what the person is calling about unless you let them speak?? Just because a blocked number or a long distance number comes up on your phone, you don't necessarily know what it is (unless you talked with the person before and the same company keeps calling). For example, what if you entered a contest (like filling out a short form for tickets) and you hang up on the person who is calling to let you know you won, thinking it's a telemarketer? I can tell from my past short experience doing phone surveys, that one of the most considerate things you can do/say is 'I'm not interested, thanks'. Compared to the phone being slammed down in your ear halfway into your first sentence or telling you where to go, or spewing bs, a simple I'm not interested will suffice nicely (although yes I know there are aggressive salespeople who just won't take No for an answer; in that case if they won't let you off the line, then you can hang up lol after telling them No thanks several times) And another thing I have to say, to people who are too nice and just trying to avoid these calls, when you say 'I don't have time right now' or 'that person is not available' they're gonna call back lol. So don't get mad if they call again after you tried to avoid them nicely. Saying you're not interested is better. Yes, I know some people will still call if you say you're not interested. I'm speaking from the view of a market research company who simply call and ask you if you wanna do a survey, and if you don't, that's fine too. Ok I'll stop rambling lol. I just wanted some people to see it from the view of a starving struggling young person/student who is just trying to make some honest pocket change after class lets out.
  • I just do one of two things. I either pretend to be interested at first and then hang up after I make them do a little work. Or I just say "I am having a fight with my homosexual lover." It works everytime.
  • "Thanksforcallingbutwereallyaren'tinterestedhavaniceday" *click*
  • I don't get phone solicitors :(

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