• I think they give you a suggested "donation" amount. If you care to go above and beyond that, I am sure they would not mind. Use of the Church (non-members only) Main Sanctuary $200; Chapel $75; Reception Area (Assembly/Kitchen) $75; Reception Area (Lounge/Kitchen) $50 Pastor members discretionary; non-members $200 Wedding Coordinator For all weddings requiring a rehearsal members $100; non-members $150 Organist (includes rehearsals with soloists or instrumentalists) $150 Staff soloist or instrumentalist As per music packet Each couple is given a music packet that suggests songs and honorarium information Other soloist or instrumentalist As per individual charge You are to pay soloists or instrumentalists directly. Sound System Technician (if needed) $50 Multimedia Team (if needed) $40 Candle Fees Candelabra (set of two) $15; Aisle Candles $10; Unity Candle (set of three) $10 Kitchen Supervisor Required for all receptions which use silver service, table cloths or kitchen equipment or utensils $40 Table Cloths Two lace cloths available for serving tables $20 each Round table cloths ($10 is the total cost for any number used) $10 Custodian (complete set-up and clean-up) Main sanctuary $50; Chapel $25 Additional custodial fees for receptions Concluding by 7:00 p.m. $50; after 7:00 p.m. $65
  • We gave our Pastor $50 for officiating at our wedding in 1991. With inflation it might be a little more now.
  • If you’re married at The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, it’s actually considered inappropriate to pay even a cent. If you feel like making a donation to the Church out of gratitude, I doubt it would be refused, but there’s really no need to. I’m sure any of our Church leaders would be happy to perform the ceremony, and since they’re all volunteers and have full-time jobs elsewhere, they’re never going to ask for a donation—nor would they ever personally accept one.

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