• both for mcdonalds. bad-i ordered a cheese burger w/o cheese and they gave me a cheeseburger w/ cheese. funny-I was at the drive-through and the lady asked "For here or to go?"
  • In a Chinese take out place, we waited for 45 minutes for our food, then we left.
  • I was on vacation and went to a family restaurant and ordered 3 different things each time the waitress kept saying .."sorry we are out of that" finally I just asked her "OK, what do you have ?" It was unreal. Luckily I never have to go there again. :)
  • When my wife and I were just married and young (we're old now) we didn't have much money but went out to eat every Friday or Saturday night. We went to reasonably nice restaurants but always ordered the cheapest thing on the menu. In those days you could order wine by the carafe which is what we always did because it was always the cheapest wine they had. We once went to a new restaurant that was a little different but we thought we would try it. As always I ordered a carafe of wine before we even opened the menu. On opening the menu I looked around until noticed that their carafes of wine were very expensive and cost more than we usually spent for both of our entire dinners. I quickly stood up and yelled across the room "FORGET THE WINE, FORGET THE WINE".
  • 2-27-2017 I frequented a Waffle House for a while, and the cook always forgot to put cheese on the potatoes. Oh! I hate when that happens!

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