• was taken advantage of, that was passed out though i cant think of anything bad thats happened while i was concious or wasnt because of a hang over
  • I got duct tape to the ceiling and had penises drawn all over my face with sharpies. *sob traumatized me for life.... lol no we used to do that to people who passed out in the dorm, I did it once will never do it again. The worse though is one day I was really home sick and we did a floor crawl I did a lot of shots; tried crawling back to my room literally; when my mom arrived to take me home for the weekend; it was bad, there was vomit and crying. urg
  • my friend says that i tried to go out for a walk at 2 am and that i tried to escape from his house and broke off a small part of his fence trying to get away. that is what he says, but i don't have any memory of that...that next morning i wake up in my own vomit, clean it up, have disappointing looks from his mom and his step brother who i meet for the first time, have to walk home and sleep through the superbowl. i still don't know who won
  • After the bar my buddy threw up over the counter at Harveys Burgers, then everybody threw up. That was the worst. So we split.
  • i sed my bf had a small cock and he finished me! lol hedid :P and i sed im dumping him but my gay frend was lyk no no dnt give it time and i stupidly agreed, gay people are very persuasize :) - thts not an insult- and then he dumped me! i got dumped by a 6ft4 ginger dandruff lanky skiny small penised 19 yr old who gets his kicks by txting woof woof bitch haha to me then deniying it wen i phoned him, he shit him self! hmmm a smll 15 yr old girl, a very tall 19 yr old lad, hu wins? me ofc!
  • I got wasted so my friend had to drive me home… we got on my motorbike and set off… when he’d reached about 60mph going down an straight, some idiot in a Chrysler minivan pulled out on us and because it was so close we only managed to slow to 55mph. Then the land rover discovery that’d been ridding our tail crashed into our backs… I suffered multiple breaks, a brain, shrapnel form the bike being imbedded in my left side four turn ligaments and a temporary loss of sight (due to the brain haemorrhage), but my friend got the worst of it… he died. I had to stay in that bloody hospital for months.
  • Got taken advantage of by 2 different was an ex, the other his friend.
  • i dont drink and thats why

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