• I live in Crystal Lake, Illinois, United States, BUT, my hometown and state is Austin, Texas. I have visited 7 different states (Texas (on vacation from Illinois), Illinois (on vacation from Texas), Arizona (Phoenix & Sedona), California (San Diego, Solvang, Los Angeles,) Oklahoma (Norman), Indiana (Indianapolis), Wisconsin (Milwaukee, Pickerel, & Kenosha.) I have visited 4 different countries (England (Dover, London), Austria (Graz, Salzburg, Vienna,) Greece (Parros,) Former Yugoslavia (don't remember what the town was called.) My favorites include Parros, Greece (beautiful Island of the south eastern coast of Greece,) Vienna, and London.
  • I live in Lubbock, Tx. I have only been in the united states! I visited oklahoma, new mexico, louisianna, florida, colorado! I had a blast in disney world, but there is this town in oklahoma called sand springs and I absolutely <3 that place! It is the cleanest town i have ever been in, literally walked around the whole town barefoot!
  • I guess I've been around the block a few times but let me start with Europe England,Ireland,Germany,France,Sweden,Norway,Spain,Holland,Italy,Switzerland,Luxemburg USA: VA,MD,DC,PA,NJ,TN,KY,IN,IL,WI,MN planning a trip to So Cali next year
  • I live in Houston. Visited England, Israel, Viet-Nam, Cambodia, Thailand, Australia, Japan, British Indian Ocean Territory, Mexico. Louisiana, Georgia, Alabama, Rhode Island, Conn. Mass, Vermont, New Hampshire, California, Nevada, Arizona, New Mexico, Colorado, Arkansas, NY, DC, Washington, Oregon, Virginia, and Guam. Favorite places to visit are Guam, Israel and Thailand - but there ain't no place like Texas!
  • Does sleeping in a Motel 6 overnight count as "visiting"? I'd say I've visited many cities, but few states, probably just New York and California. Maybe Pennsylvania or Florida.

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