• Sure, I'm OK with that. I'm here because I enjoy it, anyway!
  • Frankly I no longer aim for 1,500 to 2,000 points a day. Thanks to Penalty Box I was thrown back to reality :) I no longer have any "point goals" here. In fact, I just stay here so that I will be able to have something to say in my emails to many ABers. Since I met them on AB, naturally AB would be the central theme of the discussions.
  • Nah, that's boring. Let's keep playing Q / A a little longer. It's the weekends. Anyhow, here's 5 spot to further your day Sm00zie!
  • Some days I'd be happy, one day, I filled a whole bag< boy was I excited..I Told my husband, he didn't know what bag I filled. Laundry, probably.
  • That would be just fine with me,as I am here to enjoy myself.
  • I'd be satisfied with one hundred points...
  • Yes, today I would. It doesn't even have to be 200 because I don't set a points goal for myself on here . . . just OCD about checking my answers and comments plus giving my friends Q & A points and by that time I'm too tired to do much more on here after woking all day.
  • No I don't go on here for a set amount of time until I get a certain level of points a day.
  • I have no quotas sm00z, one way or the other. I just answer all the questions that attract me..some days there are a ton of them..some days there aren't so many! Anyway, I find I get a lot of points by kind users while I am asleep..when I turn the computer on in the morning and come to AB I have "earned" hundreds of points magically..this morning it was over 250! Now, I ask you, how sweet is that? Of course I realize that since we are all over the world, a lot of what I say during my awake time is when many others are sleeping..when they awaken that's when they can respond. But still, it never fails to amaze me! :)
  • I've never kept track of my points on a daily basis. I just look at the answerbag bag.
  • No way. I'll be satisfied when I get to check in with a friend or ten and say something nice to brighten someone's day :)
  • Sometimes it's a bag, sometimes it's 200, 100 or even 18 points. It all depends on what's going on and how much time I have to give. I never plan my time around point goals. I just quit when I either have to, or when it ceases being fun.
  • Nah. I barely pay attention to how many points I have =P i just keep on going until I get a little bored. =)
  • I am not that ambitious, I will call it quits for the day with whatever I have when it is time to go to bed. Why should I stress myself if I will be DRd anyhow? Have a good week and enjoy yourself. Regards.

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