• Of course. Most of the people I've known who 'self-harmed' did it for attention. That's why I'm usually suspicious whenever someone says they do it.
  • yep i know someone who did it for attention.
  • Everyone I know who cuts themselves always does it on their forearms and make no effort to cover themselves up, so I think attention may play apart in it.
  • but.. you must have a problem if you are willing to go that far for attention.
  • yes,only some people though, because if they feel that no one wants to be their friend or even hang out with them, they may want to seek attention, and dontknow how to, so they self harm just for attention, to feel loved and cared for. but most of the time, all they want is a friend.
  • Yes. Self mutilation. I have seen many cases in person. People with mental issues. My 2 cents.
  • yes its a very effective method
  • yes, but ppl that do are pathetic in my eyes
  • Most of those who call 911 and say they are going to kill themselves are doing it for attention. If you're serious about it, you're not going to call the police first.
  • Yes, it is very common. For example: The new wave of emo kids. They cut themselves horizontally across the wrist, no where deep enough to kill. They either don't cover their arms, make it overly obvious that they are covering their arms, or purposely show people. Most of this is for attention. I know people who compare cuts and it is really quite pathetic... They need to get a life or just end theirs already.
  • The answer is yes and someone should heed the warning!
  • Most definately. Cutting, anorexia, bulimia, attempted suicide, doing something dangerous (like standing on top of a high rise, not having any intent of jumping), etc, etc.
  • If they do, they don't want to run into me. I'll tell 'em to stop being such a little pussy and pull the trigger already.
  • I know everyone is entitled to opinions, and it is totally true that many people that are self-mutilators are doing it for attention but I'm going to say that is not always the case. ...this is private and none of you know who I am but I've been a cutter for a long time. And when I was in high school, it was such a self-destructive time, not because I wanted attention because to this day, hardly anyone knows about all the shit I did to myself except my therapist. That's not asking for attention. In addition, I was diagnosed with bipolarity and that wasn't for attention either. Some people are just mentally sick and I think it's really ignorant to say that everyone that hurts themselves on purpose is an attention seeker. I can't even count how many times I've heard people say that cutters are sick and disgusting and need to be locked up, to save themselves. Once you get to a point where you do it so much, you really can't stop. Please don't judge people's actions so much before you know their history. Thanks.
  • I hate to say it. But Yes I've sadly seen it done. Some I could stop & some I could not. It's very sad to see happen. What I have learned tho, is how to approach & how not to approach the person in this stage...........M.C.S.
  • i apoligese in advance for my spelling i am dizlexick but i hope this information help you with your question. you nomely think people that self harm are teenages how want attention witch yes in most cases are true becouse they are very confused as they are not children anymore but they are not a adult yet. so it is a hard time to cope with but it is not always the case the other types of self harmers do it privetly that is way they get away with it for so long the only way you can tell in that case is to see a change in behavyer patten they were long sleved shirts and are very solitery or can become enraged

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