• Bush hasn't broken any laws. If he had, the Dems would be gnawing on his bones right now. Once again, it was lying under oath about that stain on the dress that got Clinton in trouble. Enough trouble, remember, to get him disbarred in Arkansas.
  • Conservatives are more anal.
  • The media only focused on the Clinton scandal to distract Americans from what was really going on in the world at that time. Also, Allowing 9/11 to happen is a bit more embarrassing than that stain on a dress....
  • well if we kick GWB out of office then Shoot-em-all cheny will become prez - that scares the hell out of me!!
  • Because he's screwing us all, and not just his secretary?
  • Does George have a stain on his dress? I didnt realize he was a cross dresser. I never would have thought. ohmy what next. its all about the war. we are right, and we are republicans. who can say someone is wrong when they keep saying they are right?
  • Being George Bush is punishment enough!
  • Because GWB has surrounded himself with lawyers and staff that are there to ensure that whatever he does it is worded to sound legal or if it isn't, they just pass Bills to change the laws so that they can continue doing what they want with no repercussions. You should read Jane Mayer's book "The Dark Side", it is quite fascinating...

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