• I generally don't run the AC anyway, except on the most oppresive of days. My electric won't change.
  • I'm from england so i dont have that problem lol.
  • In Central Florida? Not a chance.
  • In north central texas it's pretty rough to do completely without out. but, generally one can cut back. I'm sitting here comfortable in a t-shirt, gym shorts and sandels with the windows open. It's 95 outside-a moderately breezy 82 inside. When it gets consistantly 90 inside I keep the AC on because I have to work. But you're rich and don't have to worry about such things.
  • Do I LOOK crazy? I live in Florida. I'm disconnecting my tumble dryer and putting my clothes on a line all summer. THAT's my energy sacrifice.
  • The house I'm renting now is the first one I've ever lived in that actually had AC. The area I live in is only really hot a few days a year, and most nights (even when it hits 100 during the day) it will cool down at night (sometimes as low as 50) - so AC is nice, for those few hours during the day when the house gets over 80, but is unnecessary. Fans and open windows work just fine here.
  • Ah hell no! I'm crankin' that fucker, the first chance I get. It gets humid in the mid-west.
  • Air conditioning is no no longer a luxury but a necessity because of my asthma , C.O.P.D ,etc. so I am going to have to really go over my budget and see what has to go. Gas prices alone have already made me cut back. I'm running out of things to cut back on and might have to get me a full time job or at least a part time one.
  • After paying my gas bill all winter (gas furnace) the electric bill won't be squat!
  • AC? What AC? LOL! We never have it. We do have thick log walls and if I leave the windows open all night and then close them before it heats up or gets humid during the day, the house stays pretty cool inside. I've just never liked paying for coolness. With enough shade trees, and nighttime cooling, I do okay. Of course it really depends on where you live, too.
  • I would rather sacrifice something else to keep that A/C going. Although, it seems that every time it gets excessively hot outside we have a blackout in my neighborhood, so I will suffer then. Actually, I'm out of town right now and my sister is housesitting for me. She just called about an hour ago to let me know that the power went out yesterday from 5pm to 2 am, and again this morning at 10:30 and is still out. Lame...
  • That's a good question...I really don't know how hot New York summers are. They're probably nasty, though, so I'll be crankin' that AC up like it's my job.
  • I can take the heat during the day. At night... I need some AC to sleep!
  • I will probably be able to count on one hand the number of times this summer we need to use it... It's almost June and the furnace still runs at night when I have the temp set at 62 :( It's suppose to hit 70 this weekend tho, woohoo!
  • We hardly ever use air conditioning during the summer, here in Peru the climate is too humid and it is easy to catch very bad colds. Right now we are in Autumn going into Winter, so that would not be a worry for us. Regards.
  • I will have no choice but to run it. I couldn't afford my house alone anymore so I had to take in roommates to help out and It wouldn't be fair to them to say sorry no A/C guys. I am sure they won't mind kicking in a little extra to stay comfortable.
  • I have found this helpful in controlling cost in Houston area where it is so hot and humid. We got a small 115 volt window unit for our bedroom; we run it at night and turn up our central AC to 85+. This keeps us nice and cool without cooling the whole house all night. The window unit cost about $100, was easy to install, and has run several years with no problems:-)
  • I will just set the temperature at a higher level. I will try to cut back as much as possible.
  • lol ROFL I live in NOME Alaska we will ship you cold air he hee

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