• Yes, but I would still apply for a replacement card. Call your local SS office.
  • When you apply for a new card you get a receipt with your SS# on it. This is just as good as your SS card for an employer.
  • Get a replacement from your local SS office.
  • I lost my social security card over twenty years ago, and never replaced it. As long as you know your number, nobody asks to see it. At least in my case anyways.
  • Your last employer will have your social security #, if not check with your last school,college they should have it. There will be a place to get the actual # and your new employer will be able to access from the IRS upon you starting your new job. All the best upon starting your new job you can easily get the # from the IRS no problem
  • If you have a passport, that will work all by itself. I used to have to make copies of these documents when I was hiring so I would not have been able to hire without proper documents. The requirements are on the back of the w4 form.

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