• Its not really seeming like they cant have you but knowing when to stop talking. Like for example, its better to end a conversation when it's getting interesting than getting to the point where the conversation is becoming stagnant. Learning how not to become too eager when calling someone back or when to back off in conversation. Just put yourself intheir position, does your interest in them seem to strong? Are you becoming less interesting as the conversation goes on? I just think that if you seem like people can't have you, they wont want to have you. Just try to fine tune your personality (basically, whenever you feel liek youre overdoing something pull back and think about if someone were doing this to you).
  • Wow, that is not true. People who aren't satisfied with what they have want what they can't have. There are people like me who do want what they do have, though. If you want to play a game, go ahead and play a game. I'm not going to promise it's going to make you happy, though. The only person you're really fooling is yourself if you think it will.

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