• Wow, what a loaded question! Some of them sure seem to. Guess who just qualified for a free vasectomy today? Not only that, but you get a free wide screen hi-def TV. The state just save $200,000 in lifetime payouts...
  • well some of them do , and some of them dont.
  • uhh, yaaah.!
  • Poor people could nothing about the subject of kids, and the same do the reach. It a question out side human's monitor.
  • There are farms where people with many kids have to work?
  • No. "Welfare" does not pay enough to make it worth while to have many kids. It is not like people on "welfare" live lives of luxury. What woman would want to go through numerous pregnancies and give birth and have to raise tons of kids for a small check each month? You are obviously not aware of how the system works and are buying into the social propaganda about it.
  • They have lots of kids to keep them on welfare and not have to work so they can party all the time from what it looks like up here. I know not all do this, but some do. some hate having to be on welfare and want to work so bad but can not find a job. Some feel ashamed to have to admit being on welfare, . Many different reasons.
  • Good question. I think you should take a good look around you and see what this world is made of before you start on the poor.for one thing what I have seen in my life, that not all people are into making kids to make money off them. for one thing if you are any kind of person and had children you would see how much it costs to keep a child in clothes and food. and with the way things are going I guess there are going to be a lot of farms coming up so you should give some of your money to a good cause and feed a kid that needs it.Have a good one.
  • you judge for yourself yes there are some out there who abuse the system, Im sure just as many if not more that abuse the tax system to avoid paying there dues, I have three children and have recently have had to give up work due to my disability, I have always paid my way and paid my taxes not taking a penny from the state, I Now have to accept welfare (I'm a proud man and hate that I have to do this) as I am no longer able to work and my partner has become a full time career did I have three children to milk the system? No have I paid into a welfare state? Yes Do I Enjoy having to accept it? no Do I have another choice? no Im only one example and im sure we all know of someone who appears to be getting money for nothing but i bet you in majority of the cases most people would prefer to earn the money they have instead of wefare (I think this is my most serious answer ever in AB I must be growing up)

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